Everything you need to pack for a ski season


All of the socks!

They disappear like nobody’s business, and you’ll never figure out where they’ve gone! Trust me, take as many socks as you can fit in your suitcase!

Marmite or peanut butter

The list of English staples that you’ll struggle to find out in the mountains is fairly endless, however among the most missed items are peanut butter, which you can sometimes get your hands on in resort but is normally very expensive! However, Marmite, hate it or love it, is very difficult to source, if you need it to survive (who are we to judge), take a jar with you, just in case.

Sliced bread

The nicest thing since sliced bread is, well, English sliced bread. Europeans do incredible fresh loaves, but if its classic white sandwich bread you’re after, ask a friend to bring you a loaf when they come to visit. European bread always tastes oddly sweet to our British taste buds.

Things to decorate your room

You’ll likely always be provided accommodation for your ski season; however, it will be basic and doesn’t always come with the sense of comfort of home. Take a couple of photos, fairy lights, a poster, and even your favourite teddy (if you can choose one!) to make your room more homely.

fairy lights in bedroom

A laptop

A no-brainer really, but when you’re away for a long time, it’s nice to be able to skype all your family and friends on a big screen and watch films on something bigger than your phone too. Talking about films…


You can thank me later for this one! Sometimes you’ll just need to chill with an episode of your favourite series to relax. Netflix is an absolute godsend for seasonaires.

A speaker

Nowadays you can pick up a speaker for as little as £5 from Amazon. Blasting out your favourite bangers will get you and your team through long changeover days like a dream and will keep you all in a great mood!

A travel adapter multi-plug

There are never enough sockets to go around, when on a ski season! If you take a French multi-plug travel adapter you can keep your phone, speaker and laptop all plugged in and charging simultaneously. Click here to buy one for your next season.

french multi plug travel adapter


These bad boys will help you get you through the day, and if you’re really hungover…


The absolute saving grace behind how so many seasonaires have managed to survive the winter. Wake up feeling like death after a long day working, and an even longer night partying? Pop an Alka-Seltzer in a glass of water and down it before heading off to work, within 5 mins your headache will suddenly lift. Lifesaving.

Hair dye

If you always use the same brand and colour of hair dye, we highly recommend taking a box or three out with you as you will likely not find the same one when in resort.

wavy winter hair smiling woman

An alarm clock

If you lose your charger or accidentally drop your phone when going up a chairlift, you can’t afford to be late to work the next morning. Having a separate alarm clock gives you that added peace of mind each day.


Thermals are a must when skiing throughout the whole winter season. You can get fantastic thermals from UNIQLO – they’re stretchy, comfy, warm, and don’t take up much space in your suitcase as they roll up into a sock sized ball. Click here to buy your thermals for next season.


Get a good pair with a proper spikey grip underneath. You don’t want to be that Jerry who’s always falling over in the street in front of guests. You can buy a fantastic pair here.

good quality snow boots


Safety first!

An ugly Christmas jumper

If you can’t go home for Christmas, bring the sense of home with you with a classic, terrible Christmas jumper.

Fancy dress

Take a couple of fun fancy dress options out with you that you can mix and match. Fancy dress parties are guaranteed to happen on your season, and if you don’t take something you’ll end up making one from bin bags.

man wearing bin bag


Don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll only be skiing on your season, many resorts have incredible spas and pools, and you don’t want to be caught short when all your coworkers arrange a pool party.

A good rucksack

Equip yourself with a good quality rucksack from the start. That sparkly one from Accessorize is fun, but you’ll be sad when it breaks after only 2 weeks, and you’re charged in-resort prices for a new one. Lowe Alpine, Berghaus, Osprey, and The North Face all have decent, serious kit that will be comfy and will last.

A Caxton Card

Finally, a ‘boring’ suggestion, but the most useful and helpful one we’ve got. Foreign transaction fees are often 1% to 3% of the amount of a purchase or ATM withdrawal, and these fees can add up very fast when using your debit card abroad for 6 months! The Caxton card is just like a cash card which you can top up with money and can use to pay in restaurants and bars… but you won’t get charged to use it each time, like with your normal British debit card. You can order it in advance so you’re all ready to go when you arrive.

caxton currency card being used

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What to Pack for a Ski Season | Silver Swan Recruitment
So, you’ve landed that dream job in the mountains and you’re more excited than skier on bluebird day. Now to pack…What do you pack for five months, spanning over Christmas and into early Spring?