Finishing your ski season? So, what’s next…


Are you fed up of the cold and ready for some sunshine? Or you just want to try something new?

As we come to the end of the ski season, it’s good to think about what to do next and how to progress your career during the summer season.

Below are 7 options to help you decide – but first:

what can i do after a ski season

1 – Stay in Europe & work in a summer villa

Work in a summer villa is very comparable to chalet work – the tasks are similar to ski season positions and your skills are easily transferable, unlike in a private household. The wages are slightly higher too, on average £100 more a week, as this is usually to account for a lift pass not being part of the offer. Working in a villa is the perfect way to fill your summer, save up some money and progress your career so you’re ready for when you can hit the slopes again.

We get new summer vacancies in every week for all sorts of roles! Check them out here:

how can i ski all day

2 – Stay in the alps & work in a summer chalet

You’ve fallen in love with the mountains over your ski season and couldn’t think of living or working anywhere else – who could blame you? There certainly are jobs available for chalet staff over the summer period, although they’re a lot rarer than ski season roles, however they are out there! Morzine, Les Gets and Chamonix are just as busy during the summer as the winter, and with a whole range of summer sports to get involved with, whether it is hiking, cycling, climbing or photography, there will always be an adventure waiting for you.

We currently have a selection of roles in the alps and get more requests for staff every single week. See what we have available now:

jobs travelling the world

3 – Leave the Alps & work in a private household in the UK

If you’d like to continue a hospitality role but be back working in the UK then we’d recommend starting your career in a private household. The roles are fairly similar to chalet jobs, yet the salaries are considerably more! It’s important for private household applicants to already have a lot of 5* hospitality experience.

The easiest way to start a career in a private household is to start at the bottom and work your way up. Very few private households will recruit a medium or high-level staff member without previous experience within a private residence performing a simpler or similar role. The normal progression is from a Housekeeper, Nanny and Cook, to Head Housekeeper and Chef, to House Manager, Butler, PA and even Estate Manager. If, however, you have lots of experience doing a ski season as a Chalet or Resort Manager, you may be eligible for an entry level House Manager role within the private industry. To give you a little more insight into the working world of Private Households, we have interviewed an extremely experienced Estate Manager to explain what it’s like to work in such a prestigious role.

The salaries possible within a private household are definitely worth the long days, and hard work climbing the ladder, and the experience gained will catapult your career onto a whole new playing field. Private household roles are generally all permanent positions and can be either live-in or live-out, depending on the family, so you have the freedom to select a role which suits your lifestyle and needs. This is also a good opportunity for couples who would like to continue working together, there are many homes who like to employ a couple to manage the household.

We have a large selection of jobs available within Private households. You can see them all here:

mansion in the distance

4 – Sail around the world on a yacht

If you enjoy hospitality and travel, then working on a yacht could be the perfect job for you. It can be difficult to get into the yachting world, but once you’re in the benefits are endless. Working with a fantastic team, who become like family, travelling through, and staying, in some of the most stunningly beautiful places in the world, not to mention the incredible pay, make this a great option following a ski season. This option takes a little bit of forward planning, as you need to be certified before you can work aboard a yacht, so have a look at our tips on How To Get a Job on a Super Yacht and all our latest vacancies here:

5 – Leave the Alps & gain further experience

Another great option if you’re a  seasonaire returning to the UK is to develop your CV working in hotels and restaurants. The majority of luxury, high end winter chalets require a few years of 5* hospitality experience. If you’re looking to work your way up the ladder in the hospitality industry, we recommend spending the summer gaining further experience to really help you get those top end, well-paid jobs within the industry.

We don’t usually recruit for hotels or restaurants, but if you are interested then it is always worth sending your CV expressing an interest in this kind of role and we can notify you when new roles come in:

luxury barge

6 – Find a great office-based role in the UK

So, you love the ski industry and now have experience working within it, but after working all those odd hours on your feet you’re ready to settle down with a permanent position in an awesome office.

There are a lot of companies in the UK that specialise in the ski industry, and they need staff with first-hand experience of working a ski season to sell holidays, find future staff or promote chalets out in the Alps.

These jobs get snapped up quickly, so keep an eye on our Facebook page as we post new roles every single day!

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7 – Go travelling

You’ve worked hard for a season, why not go explore the world, tick off some of that bucket list and visit places you’ve only ever seen in photos! And, if you send us your CV before you leave then we can find you a job to come home to next ski season. Check out all your future job options while on the road at:

seasonaire travel ideas

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