Our Current Private Household Vacancies

House Manager

Typical Salary: £50,000+

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Typical Salary: £40,000+

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Chef / Cooks

Typical Salary: £40,000+

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Typical Salary: £60,000+

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House Keeper

Typical Salary: £35,000+

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Personal Assistant

Typical Salary: £45,000+

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Typical Salary: £40,000+

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Nanny & Other

Typical Salary: £32,000+

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What to expect working in a Private Household

The Private Household industry can offer a very rewarding and lucrative career where you will become a trusted part of a family’s life. Your role as private household staff will vary house to house, and you will be required to adapt your working style accordingly. Flexibility is essential within the private household industry, along with professionalism and trust. You should be looking for longevity in each of your domestic staffing positions and securing solid references is essential. We have a range of roles including stately homes job vacancies all the way through to smaller properties looking for service individuals.

Private Household Recruitment

Private Household staff recruitment may seem like a daunting and time-consuming task, but it needn’t be. We take away your stress of finding new private household staff by managing all advertising, shortlisting and interviewing. We make sure you get the best candidate by conducting thorough referencing, processing DBS applications, and we even offer a good probationary period to ensure they are the right staff for your home. Unlike other private household staff agencies, we will only put forward candidates who match your criteria exactly – rather than send lots who ‘might’ be suitable, saving you large amounts of time reviewing average or unsuitable CVs.

Whether you need to hire exclusive household staff on a temporary or permanent basis, we can work accordingly to suit your needs, timeframe, and requirements. We have a full database of not just private household staff, but also experienced luxury chalet and yacht staff, as such, we provide a great selection of well-travelled, interesting, enthusiastic candidates each time.

We specialise in getting the right candidate in the right role. If you’d like us to recruit for you, click the link below to get in touch.

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