Why Start Early? For Candidates AND Clients!

The winter season may have only just finished, but believe it or not, we’re already thinking ahead to next year. There are so many reasons to get ahead of the game and start planning for the next season – whether you are looking for staff or looking for a job yourself.

So why should you start recruiting your staff early?

A bigger pool of candidates to choose from

The earlier you start, the more candidates there are to choose from – wait until September or October and all the best candidates have already been snapped up, leaving you with slimmer pickings. Winter recruitment seems to be getting earlier and earlier each year, and candidates are responding to this by getting their applications in before their last season is even over!

Take a deposit to avoid drop outs

You may be thinking, ‘if I recruit my staff too early, they’ll all drop out’…more and more companies are now taking security deposits from their employees, to avoid flaky candidates and people changing their mind. Taking a small deposit ensures you get committed staff regardless of when they sign up (or at least a buffer if they do drop out to recruit someone new).

Access to the most organised, professional candidates

It will probably come as no surprise to hear that often, the ones who are thinking ahead to their next winter season are the ones who take the most organised, professional approach to their work. Those who plan ahead are obviously serious about their decision to work abroad, and are likely to apply the same principles when it comes to a winter role…so snap them up quick!

And what are the benefits for job seekers?

Get your winter sorted early so you can relax

Imagine heading into the summer knowing that your next winter role has already been sorted? You can relax knowing that your winter season is all taken care of, and there’s no stress to find a job at the end of the summer when everyone else is applying for the same roles. There’s even less stress if you use Silver Swan to help you find the perfect role!

You get your pick of jobs and resorts

The early bird catches the worm, or so they say. It’s true when it comes to winter jobs, as you can take your pick from all of the roles out there rather than only having a few to choose from. You can also be more selective when it comes to resorts, salary and job specifics if you’ve got more time to consider the options, rather than feeling rushed to commit to a role that may not be for you.

You can start planning and getting excited!

Once the job is in the bag, you can start doing your research into the company you are working for, the resort you are working in, and anything else you want to know. Plus, it’s much more fun counting down to something once you know what you are looking forward to!

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