Summer Jobs for Teenagers


Retail Jobs

During the summer months, high street shops are always in need of extra pairs of hands to fill in and help bulk out their staff during the busy season, so often advertise jobs for teenagers. Shops often advertise their roles in their shop windows or online on job boards. Keep a keen eye out and ask family and friends to keep you in their minds when out and about as often these roles are on a first come, first serve basis. Turnover can be very quick in retail, you could be having an interview on Monday, and back in the shop starting work the next morning. The majority of shops pay minimum wage but come with added benefits of having staff reductions, so working for a company where you often shop is a smart move.

Bar/Restaurant Work

It is very common for bars and restaurants to have jobs for teenagers, and hire younger workers as waitresses, bartenders (must be over 18), or as pot washers. These are very sociable workplaces and you’ll get to meet all sorts of people and will develop a great friendship with your colleagues. Legally you can only work part-time until you’re 16, but working in a restaurant can be easy work, and you’ll usually get a share of the tips from the customers.

Working as a waitress will give you fantastic experience for future roles in the hospitality industry, including working as a shift manager, chalet or villa host, or as a steward or stewardess on a yacht.


Some companies offer part-time internships for short-term placements for students, these are usually unpaid, but the experience gained on an internship is worth its weight in gold and will help you gain future employment. If you impress your boss when on an internship you will be given invaluable references that will help you secure a fantastic future career, and you may even be offered a full time paid position in the company the following summer. The best way to get an internship is to ask around. If you’re willing to work for free, ask your relatives who own companies, local businesses, and nearby clubs if they’d accept an intern, the likelihood is, someone will have a role that would be mutually beneficial.


Handing out flyers is easy work, doesn’t require any kind of training, and usually pays by the hour. It can either involve standing still in a high street distributing leaflets or walking door to door posting pamphlets through letterboxes. Blast your favourite tunes through your headphones, smile, and before you know it you’ve got a handful of cash in your pocket for very little mental effort.


Often landscaping and gardening companies rely on young workers, and often advertise jobs for teenagers. They do this to keep their costs down, develop their business, and is also an opportunity to train potential future full-time workers while on the job. Give your local gardening or landscaping companies a call and introduce yourself, they may have just the position for you. This is the perfect role to try your hand at without getting tied into a long-term contract as you’ll be hired on a day-by-day, week-by-week basis, meaning you can work the job around your summer schedule.

Experience working as a landscaper or labourer looks fantastic on your CV as it shows that you’re willing and able to learn new skills and work hard. This kind of experience can lead you down a great career path which could end up in a very lucrative role working for a private household.


If you have a particular passion for a subject at school and have done very well at it in your exams, you may want to consider teaching. Passing on your skills can be incredibly satisfying and makes all that revision worth it! Tutoring younger students can pay very well, and if you get on with the child and their parents, it could turn out to be a regular job. Most tutoring work is found through word of mouth, so make a good name for yourself in your area, and soon you’ll be filling your summer holidays teaching many lessons to the whole neighbourhood. You can get the word out by using printed adverts in your local shops and newspapers, or online in local Facebook groups.

Having tutoring on your CV can really help with your university application and will set you up well for future employment as a teacher, or tutor working abroad.

Sports Coaching

If you’re passionate about sports and have great experience playing for many years you could become a sports coach. This is a fantastic part-time job, and with hard work and dedication, you could get the qualifications needed to become a sports coach from the age of 16. There are a range of places that offer training and qualifications for sports coaching, and once qualified you could find work coaching in summer camps or for local sports clubs.


Babysitting is a fantastic little earner for those happy to stay up late, eat all the food in your neighbours’ fridge and watch TV to your heart’s content. Usually, the children are fast asleep by the time you arrive and all you have to do is relax, browse Instagram, and make sure the children are still fast asleep when the parents return. Babysitting is paid by the hour, increasing with experience and responsibilities, and can add up quite nicely over the course of an evening. The best way to get babysitting work is to ask around your friends, neighbours, and family, as the majority of babysitting work is through referrals.

Babysitting over the weekends and summer holidays is a fantastic way to save some spending money, add experience to your CV, and shows future employers that you are trustworthy. Babysitting experience can lead to some fantastic positions down the line, working as a nanny for the rich and famous across the world, for example.

Dog Walking

Love dogs? Enjoy walking? This is a super easy job for anyone with a little experience with dogs. Most dog walkers are expected to go for just an hour long walk, and often this is on the lead, so no need to worry about the dog running off or escaping. You can choose which dogs you agree to take and not, and you can take a couple of dogs at the same time, maximising your profits. Pet owners are very protective of their fur babies, so the majority of dog walkers are hired on a word of mouth basis. Knock on your neighbours’ doors, keep an eye on who is hurriedly walking their pets before work in the morning, and ask them if they’d like your help.

Work at a Festival

One of the best jobs for teenagers is working at a festival. This work is unpaid, but what you get in return is arguably better than a little pocket money. In return for a few short shifts helping give directions, answering questions, keeping an eye on the campsites and assisting at the entry gates, you will receive a free festival crew pass worth hundreds of pounds. To volunteer at a festival, you need to be at least 18 years old when the festival starts. This is a fantastic way to spend your summer, especially as groups of friends are welcome to apply together, so you can apply with your friends, and the festival will arrange your shifts so that not only will you work together, but also enjoy your time off partying at the festival, together too.

Pet Sitter/Plant Sitter

Many people don’t like sending their pets to the kennels or cattery and would prefer if they could stay at home with a trusted neighbour to look after them. Pet sitters are required to feed the animals, and either let them out in the garden or take them for walks. The best thing about pet/plant sitting is that you can completely fit it around your own schedule, and you don’t have your bosses with you breathing down your neck. Often pet sitters are paid a daily rate, and you can pet sit for many people at the same time, maximising your earnings.


Anyone can clean, but most don’t enjoy it, which is why there is always jobs for teenagers who are willing to do it! Cleaners are paid at an hourly rate and usually are hired for more than two hours at a time on a regular basis. Cleaning materials are usually provided, and all you have to do is turn up, hoover, wipe down some surfaces and maybe scrub a toilet or two. Cleaning isn’t glamorous work, but it is a steady, regular income that you can do locally for neighbours or family friends, and you can often set your own working hours.

Cleaning experience looks fantastic on CVs as it shows you’re happy to get your hands dirty and work hard. This kind of experience can also set you up for a great position working as a housekeeper for hotels, yachts, or within private households of VIPs.


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