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Working Visa UK Requirements & Application Guide

If you’ve not worked in the UK before, or want to find out if you’re even able to, it can be hard to find the answers. Even if the job you’re applying for is based in a ski resort in the Alps, a palace in the Middle East or a Private Household in Europe, you still may need UK immigration to give you the right to work here because as a UK-based recruitment agency the majority of our clients are also based here and so employ their staff on UK contracts and second them overseas on UK work permits.

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7 Places You’re About to Add to Your Bucket List

With 195 countries making up this incredible world we live in, there are only so many you can physically visit each year. So, to make sure you don’t miss out, we’ve compiled a list of seven of our favourite and most unique destinations, all with an underlying theme – vivid colour! Enjoy!

Best 15 UK Summer Music Festivals

The weather is warming up, the sunny summer festival season is fast approaching, and it’s time to think about what festival to grace with your ready to party presence this summer season! Whether you’re into EDM, heavy metal, indie or urban beats, there is certainly something for everyone. With Secret Garden Party Festival ending last year, and Glastonbury having a fallow year to give the land, local population, and organisers a break it’s easy to be discouraged, but worry not, there are plenty more festivals out there to enjoy! Below is the list of our top fifteen favourite summer UK festivals of 2018!

Download Festival 2018

Where: Donnington Park (Derby)

When: 8th – 10th June

A world famous heavy metal and rock festival where around 150 acts appear over five stages over the three days of the summer festival. The fancy dress theme for 2018 is ‘supervillains’.

Isle of Wight Festival 2018

Where: Seaclose Park (Isle of Wight)

When: 21st – 24th June

Isle of Wight Festival, is the UK’s most famous rock and pop summer festival, and has been named Family Festival of the Year on two occasions, thanks to its relaxed, inclusive atmosphere.

TRNSMT Festival 2018

Where: Glasgow Green (Glasgow)

When: 29th June – 1st July, plus 6th – 8th July 2018

Whether you want to come along for the day, enjoy the full weekend of music, or even treat yourself to the VIP option, there are a range of ticket options available for you to tailor your summer festival experience.

Wireless Festival 2018

Where: Finsbury Park (London)

When: 6th – 8th July

Wireless Festival is the UK’s premier urban music festival, held inside London’s Finsbury Park for three days in July. Now one of the capital’s musical highlights, Wireless has become London’s go-to festival for those after the urban side of mainstream.

British Summer Time Hyde Park Festival 2018

Where: Hyde Park (London)

When: 6th, 7th, 8th, 13th, 14th, 15th July

Do you want big names? They’ve got them. Come party in London’s Hyde Park to some of music’s biggest names! A truly rocking, summer festival.

Latitude Festival 2018

Where: Southwold

When: 12th – 15th July

Taking over the idyllic English countryside, Latitude is, as its tagline proclaims, much more than just a music festival. With DJs hidden in the woods, colourful sheep roaming the tufty fields, opera on the lake, film debuts in its onsite cinema, clowns under canvas, actors treading the boards, local ales, dance troupes and a huge children’s area, there’s something to keep whatever age entertained. Oh, and there’s a full programme of music at this summer festival too.

Lovebox Festival 2018

Where: London

When: 13th – 14th July

London’s beat lovers, freaks and hipsters convene for an annual summer festival party created by Groove Armada. A colourful mix of dance dons, rock gods, vintage markets, bespoke bars and fairground tides, Lovebox is a carousel of creativity.

Bestival 2018

Where: Lulworth Castle (Dorset)

When: 2nd – 5th August

It’s fair to say that aside from top music and comedy acts, the biggest draw of Bestival is that it’s positively bonkers. Fancy dress is a massive deal at Bestival, with each colourful event centering on a different theme (this year’s will be ‘circus’ and will apparently feature a human cannonball act). This summer festival strives to celebrate creativity, diversity and general lunacy.

Boardmasters 2018

Where: Newquay

When: 8th – 12th August 2018

Boardmasters is a music and sports festival in Cornwall, mixing a diverse musical lineup with surfing, BMXing, skating and wellbeing. Mixing electrifying music from some of the world’s biggest names along with high-octane sports, it brings with it a unique atmosphere of sheer excitement year on year.

Boomtown 2018

Where: Winchester

When: 9th – 12th August 2018

A boiling pot of vibrancy, theatre, fantasy, escapism and camaraderie, Boomtown Fair is a hub of diverse and non-commercialised musical movements whose roots stretch far and wide. Consisting of nine districts with a different emphasis, you may be chilling to some folk one minute, and then travelling at 180 BPM to some drum & bass the next.

RiZE Festival 2018 (V Festival replacement)

Where: Hylands Park (Chelmsford) and Weston Park (Staffordshire)

When: 17th – 18th August

The summer festival formerly known as “V” is another of the top choices to replace Glastonbury as the biggest and best UK festival of 2018. Celebrating its very first year, RiZE Festival are bringing together an exciting mix of the very best music from classic indie, pop, urban, dance and new upcoming talent across four stages.

Creamfields 2018

Where: Daresbury (Warrington)

When: 23rd – 26th August

Creamfields has long been the UK’s best summer dance festival, promising the biggest acts in EDM, house, trance, grime and D&B. Organisers promise an incredible line-up, spectacular light shows, and pyrotechnics for 2018

Reading and Leeds Festivals 2018

Where: Little John’s Farm (Reading) and Bramham Park (Leeds)

When: 24th – 26th August

As per tradition, Reading and Leeds take place simultaneously over the August Bank Holiday and the line-up is the same across both sites as the bands perform on a rotation to cover both festival sites.

South West Four 2018

Where: London

When: 25th – 26th August

A coming together of the EDM world, their understudies, and up-and-coming stars, the four stages of house, techno, minimal, trance and electronica will fill your ears for the evening before you head out to one of the countless after parties at this incredible summer festival

Festival No.6 2018

Where: Portmeirion, Wales

When: 6th – 9th September

Almost every festival claims to be ‘unique’, but in the case of this North Wales’ curiosity it’s a fairly solid claim. Partly due to its setting in a faux-Italian village, and partly because of its intriguing programme of music, arts & culture, debates, workshops, food & drink, comedy and more.


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Information sourced from the following blogs amongst other sources:

Summer Jobs for Teenagers

Retail Jobs

During the summer months, high street shops are always in need of extra pairs of hands to fill in and help bulk out their staff during the busy season, so often advertise jobs for teenagers. Shops often advertise their roles in their shop windows or online on job boards. Keep a keen eye out and ask family and friends to keep you in their minds when out and about as often these roles are on a first come, first serve basis. Turnover can be very quick in retail, you could be having an interview on Monday, and back in the shop starting work the next morning. The majority of shops pay minimum wage but come with added benefits of having staff reductions, so working for a company where you often shop is a smart move.

Bar/Restaurant Work

It is very common for bars and restaurants to have jobs for teenagers, and hire younger workers as waitresses, bartenders (must be over 18), or as pot washers. These are very sociable workplaces and you’ll get to meet all sorts of people and will develop a great friendship with your colleagues. Legally you can only work part-time until you’re 16, but working in a restaurant can be easy work, and you’ll usually get a share of the tips from the customers.

Working as a waitress will give you fantastic experience for future roles in the hospitality industry, including working as a shift manager, chalet or villa host, or as a steward or stewardess on a yacht.


Some companies offer part-time internships for short-term placements for students, these are usually unpaid, but the experience gained on an internship is worth its weight in gold and will help you gain future employment. If you impress your boss when on an internship you will be given invaluable references that will help you secure a fantastic future career, and you may even be offered a full time paid position in the company the following summer. The best way to get an internship is to ask around. If you’re willing to work for free, ask your relatives who own companies, local businesses, and nearby clubs if they’d accept an intern, the likelihood is, someone will have a role that would be mutually beneficial.


Handing out flyers is easy work, doesn’t require any kind of training, and usually pays by the hour. It can either involve standing still in a high street distributing leaflets or walking door to door posting pamphlets through letterboxes. Blast your favourite tunes through your headphones, smile, and before you know it you’ve got a handful of cash in your pocket for very little mental effort.


Often landscaping and gardening companies rely on young workers, and often advertise jobs for teenagers. They do this to keep their costs down, develop their business, and is also an opportunity to train potential future full-time workers while on the job. Give your local gardening or landscaping companies a call and introduce yourself, they may have just the position for you. This is the perfect role to try your hand at without getting tied into a long-term contract as you’ll be hired on a day-by-day, week-by-week basis, meaning you can work the job around your summer schedule.

Experience working as a landscaper or labourer looks fantastic on your CV as it shows that you’re willing and able to learn new skills and work hard. This kind of experience can lead you down a great career path which could end up in a very lucrative role working for a private household.


If you have a particular passion for a subject at school and have done very well at it in your exams, you may want to consider teaching. Passing on your skills can be incredibly satisfying and makes all that revision worth it! Tutoring younger students can pay very well, and if you get on with the child and their parents, it could turn out to be a regular job. Most tutoring work is found through word of mouth, so make a good name for yourself in your area, and soon you’ll be filling your summer holidays teaching many lessons to the whole neighbourhood. You can get the word out by using printed adverts in your local shops and newspapers, or online in local Facebook groups.

Having tutoring on your CV can really help with your university application and will set you up well for future employment as a teacher, or tutor working abroad.

Sports Coaching

If you’re passionate about sports and have great experience playing for many years you could become a sports coach. This is a fantastic part-time job, and with hard work and dedication, you could get the qualifications needed to become a sports coach from the age of 16. There are a range of places that offer training and qualifications for sports coaching, and once qualified you could find work coaching in summer camps or for local sports clubs.


Babysitting is a fantastic little earner for those happy to stay up late, eat all the food in your neighbours’ fridge and watch TV to your heart’s content. Usually, the children are fast asleep by the time you arrive and all you have to do is relax, browse Instagram, and make sure the children are still fast asleep when the parents return. Babysitting is paid by the hour, increasing with experience and responsibilities, and can add up quite nicely over the course of an evening. The best way to get babysitting work is to ask around your friends, neighbours, and family, as the majority of babysitting work is through referrals.

Babysitting over the weekends and summer holidays is a fantastic way to save some spending money, add experience to your CV, and shows future employers that you are trustworthy. Babysitting experience can lead to some fantastic positions down the line, working as a nanny for the rich and famous across the world, for example.

Dog Walking

Love dogs? Enjoy walking? This is a super easy job for anyone with a little experience with dogs. Most dog walkers are expected to go for just an hour long walk, and often this is on the lead, so no need to worry about the dog running off or escaping. You can choose which dogs you agree to take and not, and you can take a couple of dogs at the same time, maximising your profits. Pet owners are very protective of their fur babies, so the majority of dog walkers are hired on a word of mouth basis. Knock on your neighbours’ doors, keep an eye on who is hurriedly walking their pets before work in the morning, and ask them if they’d like your help.

Work at a Festival

One of the best jobs for teenagers is working at a festival. This work is unpaid, but what you get in return is arguably better than a little pocket money. In return for a few short shifts helping give directions, answering questions, keeping an eye on the campsites and assisting at the entry gates, you will receive a free festival crew pass worth hundreds of pounds. To volunteer at a festival, you need to be at least 18 years old when the festival starts. This is a fantastic way to spend your summer, especially as groups of friends are welcome to apply together, so you can apply with your friends, and the festival will arrange your shifts so that not only will you work together, but also enjoy your time off partying at the festival, together too.

Pet Sitter/Plant Sitter

Many people don’t like sending their pets to the kennels or cattery and would prefer if they could stay at home with a trusted neighbour to look after them. Pet sitters are required to feed the animals, and either let them out in the garden or take them for walks. The best thing about pet/plant sitting is that you can completely fit it around your own schedule, and you don’t have your bosses with you breathing down your neck. Often pet sitters are paid a daily rate, and you can pet sit for many people at the same time, maximising your earnings.


Anyone can clean, but most don’t enjoy it, which is why there is always jobs for teenagers who are willing to do it! Cleaners are paid at an hourly rate and usually are hired for more than two hours at a time on a regular basis. Cleaning materials are usually provided, and all you have to do is turn up, hoover, wipe down some surfaces and maybe scrub a toilet or two. Cleaning isn’t glamorous work, but it is a steady, regular income that you can do locally for neighbours or family friends, and you can often set your own working hours.

Cleaning experience looks fantastic on CVs as it shows you’re happy to get your hands dirty and work hard. This kind of experience can also set you up for a great position working as a housekeeper for hotels, yachts, or within private households of VIPs.


If you have some experience in hospitality, we have some fantastic positions for those over 18 years old, Click here to see what incredible roles we have waiting for you!

what to do after a ski season

Finishing your ski season? So, what’s next…

Are you fed up of the cold and ready for some sunshine? Or you just want to try something new?

As we come to the end of the ski season, it’s good to think about what to do next and how to progress your career during the summer season.

Below are 7 options to help you decide – but first:

what can i do after a ski season

1 – Stay in Europe & work in a summer villa

Work in a summer villa is very comparable to chalet work – the tasks are similar to ski season positions and your skills are easily transferable, unlike in a private household. The wages are slightly higher too, on average £100 more a week, as this is usually to account for a lift pass not being part of the offer. Working in a villa is the perfect way to fill your summer, save up some money and progress your career so you’re ready for when you can hit the slopes again.

We get new summer vacancies in every week for all sorts of roles! Check them out here:

how can i ski all day

2 – Stay in the alps & work in a summer chalet

You’ve fallen in love with the mountains over your ski season and couldn’t think of living or working anywhere else – who could blame you? There certainly are jobs available for chalet staff over the summer period, although they’re a lot rarer than ski season roles, however they are out there! Morzine, Les Gets and Chamonix are just as busy during the summer as the winter, and with a whole range of summer sports to get involved with, whether it is hiking, cycling, climbing or photography, there will always be an adventure waiting for you.

We currently have a selection of roles in the alps and get more requests for staff every single week. See what we have available now:

jobs travelling the world

3 – Leave the Alps & work in a private household in the UK

If you’d like to continue a hospitality role but be back working in the UK then we’d recommend starting your career in a private household. The roles are fairly similar to chalet jobs, yet the salaries are considerably more! It’s important for private household applicants to already have a lot of 5* hospitality experience.

The easiest way to start a career in a private household is to start at the bottom and work your way up. Very few private households will recruit a medium or high-level staff member without previous experience within a private residence performing a simpler or similar role. The normal progression is from a Housekeeper, Nanny and Cook, to Head Housekeeper and Chef, to House Manager, Butler, PA and even Estate Manager. If, however, you have lots of experience doing a ski season as a Chalet or Resort Manager, you may be eligible for an entry level House Manager role within the private industry. To give you a little more insight into the working world of Private Households, we have interviewed an extremely experienced Estate Manager to explain what it’s like to work in such a prestigious role.

The salaries possible within a private household are definitely worth the long days, and hard work climbing the ladder, and the experience gained will catapult your career onto a whole new playing field. Private household roles are generally all permanent positions and can be either live-in or live-out, depending on the family, so you have the freedom to select a role which suits your lifestyle and needs. This is also a good opportunity for couples who would like to continue working together, there are many homes who like to employ a couple to manage the household.

We have a large selection of jobs available within Private households. You can see them all here:

mansion in the distance

4 – Sail around the world on a yacht

If you enjoy hospitality and travel, then working on a yacht could be the perfect job for you. It can be difficult to get into the yachting world, but once you’re in the benefits are endless. Working with a fantastic team, who become like family, travelling through, and staying, in some of the most stunningly beautiful places in the world, not to mention the incredible pay, make this a great option following a ski season. This option takes a little bit of forward planning, as you need to be certified before you can work aboard a yacht, so have a look at our tips on How To Get a Job on a Super Yacht and all our latest vacancies here:

5 – Leave the Alps & gain further experience

Another great option if you’re a  seasonaire returning to the UK is to develop your CV working in hotels and restaurants. The majority of luxury, high end winter chalets require a few years of 5* hospitality experience. If you’re looking to work your way up the ladder in the hospitality industry, we recommend spending the summer gaining further experience to really help you get those top end, well-paid jobs within the industry.

We don’t usually recruit for hotels or restaurants, but if you are interested then it is always worth sending your CV expressing an interest in this kind of role and we can notify you when new roles come in:

luxury barge

6 – Find a great office-based role in the UK

So, you love the ski industry and now have experience working within it, but after working all those odd hours on your feet you’re ready to settle down with a permanent position in an awesome office.

There are a lot of companies in the UK that specialise in the ski industry, and they need staff with first-hand experience of working a ski season to sell holidays, find future staff or promote chalets out in the Alps.

These jobs get snapped up quickly, so keep an eye on our Facebook page as we post new roles every single day!

Follow us to be the first to hear about all our new positions as soon as they become available:




rooftop swing seats london

7 – Go travelling

You’ve worked hard for a season, why not go explore the world, tick off some of that bucket list and visit places you’ve only ever seen in photos! And, if you send us your CV before you leave then we can find you a job to come home to next ski season. Check out all your future job options while on the road at:

seasonaire travel ideas



Summer Festival Line-Up 2017

Glastonbury has been and gone, but it always feels like the iconic festival kicks off the rest of the summer. If you didn’t manage to get tickets this year (or maybe you did, but you’re looking for your next festival fix) there are plenty more events left this summer. We’ve rounded up our pick of the best of the rest both in the UK and abroad…just in case the British weather decides to interfere!


EXIT Festival – Serbia, 5-9th July

That’s this weekend! For the spontaneous out there, there’s still time to jump on a plane and head to Novi Sadro catch the likes of The Killers and Liam Gallagher. Usually one for the dance-lovers out there, this year’s line up proves there is something for everyone at Exit.

Wireless Festival – London, 7th-9th July

If Serbia doesn’t take your fancy, stay closer to home and get yourself to Finsbury Park for the chance to get involved in one of the biggest day festivals in the UK. The line up is always full of big names and familiar faces in the world of R&B and Hip Hop (this year’s headliners are Skepta and The Weeknd). The stages are only half the fun, as there are fairground rides and plenty of bars to keep you entertained for the whole day.


Secret Garden Party – Cambridgeshire, 20th-23rd July

Later on this month, the not-so-secret Garden Party takes place in beautiful landscaped gardens in Cambridgeshire. The idyllic setting next to a river and lake hosts a mash-up of music, games and other activities with more underground acts such as Crystal Fighters and Metronomy playing centre stage.

Wilderness – Belgium, 21st – 30th July 17

Set over two weekends, it’s actually pretty unlikely that you will get tickets for Wilderness festival (they sold out in an hour this year) – so this is a heads up for 2018! This is hailed as the most important date on the planet for dance music enthusiasts, so expect to see the biggest names in house, techno and drum and bass. To give you an idea, this year, Eric Prydz and Axwell & Ingrosso lead the line up.


Boardmasters – Newquay, 9th – 13th August

If a chilled-out vibe is more your scene, the Southwest coast is the place to be in August for a display of some of the best surfers, skaters and BMXers in the world. Alongside the sporting spectacle is a mellow soundtrack provided by Jamiroquai, Alt-J and Two Door Cinema Club.

Flow Festival – Helsinki, 11th-13th August

Elsewhere in Europe (Finland to be exact), Lana Del Rey, The XX and London Grammar will be playing to crowds in an old industrial area, where lots of disused spaces have been turned into drinking holes and stages. The trendiest festival of the summer, it has attracted some big names this year and looks set to be an Instagram favourite.


Reading and Leeds – 25th-27th August

The most raucous event on the festival calendar, this double-whammy is the number one place to see the best indie, metal and rock acts. This year, Kasabian, Eminem and Muse will be making an appearance, so pack your sturdiest tent and your toughest wellies as this weekend isn’t for the faint hearted. Bonus – it’s over the bank holiday weekend, so you get an extra day for recovery!


Bestival – Dorset: 7th – 10th Sept

Rounding off the summer calendar is this boutique festival on the South Coast. The randomness of this weekend is what really makes it worth a visit, from fancy dress to comedy acts, to late-night singsongs in the woods. The line-up is as varied as the activities list, with The XX and the Pet Shop Boys headlining the event.


Roll on festival season!