Think Ski Chalet Roles Are Low Paid?…..Think Again!


For some reason a lot of people think that working in a ski chalet earns you a terrible salary but that it’s worth it because of the lifestyle it offers. This is such a misconception; it actually costs a ski company a significant amount to employ you.

When working in the UK you may be offered an annual salary of £20,000 – £30,000 for example so yes going from that to £300 a week may seem a huge jump. But it is essential to look at your whole package. Your UK employer does not pay your rent, nor your food, nor your travel etc. So actually once you pay for all your living costs you probably actually don’t have £300 a week to just blow on nothing.

Here is a breakdown of an average package actually offered for a ski chalet role:

  • Travel (flights + transfer):    approx. £250
  • Accommodation (shared):  can be anything up to €5000 for the season, sometimes more
  • Ski Hire:                                 this is normally free for a company
  • Lift Pass:                                up to €1250 (for 3V as an example)
  • Food:                                      average staff food budget is approx. €25 a week so for                                                                                                     20 weeks costs €500.

However if you were to feed yourself you’d spend FAR more than this!

  • Insurance:                               approx. £150 for the season
  • Uniform:                                 approx. £20


VALUE OF ADDITIONAL BENEFITS:          £6,000 – £6,500

Then you are paid a salary on top. If your salary is £300 per week. Then your full package is actually £6,000 in salary and up to £6,500 in additional benefits:




So actually it is a similar package to a full time UK based permenant job. This is just your financial benefits too, don’t forget all the additional reasons to do a ski season:

  • Meet some amazing people
  • Gain valuable experience
  • Have the opportunity post season to move into villas, yachts, private households
  • Earn good weekly cash tips

And of course……

  • The skiing!!!!!!

So don’t let the advertised salary amount put you off. Working a ski season will be one of the most fun and rewarding things you can do. Check out our vacancies HERE and get in touch, we will help you find the perfect role.


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